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Stiff neck and low back pain are modern diseases

More and more people seem to be suffering from chronic symptoms such as joint pain, shoulder stiffness and low back pain due to the things like the change of society and work, widespread use of IT devices, and changes in diet habits.
According to the "2010 fiscal year National Livelihood Survey" of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in Japan, No. 1 symptom Japanese people complain of is "low back pain" (men) and “stiff neck" (women), and No.2 is "stiff neck" (men) and "low back pain" (women). While the number of people suffering from symptoms increases, an appropriate and easy improvement method has not been found.
Although it may be difficult to improve symptoms, such as stiff neck, in everyday life, we should find the right method that suits you.
CERABANJust apply CERABAN! BISA power will help resolve your pain!
CERABAN improves the blood circulation by the magnetic force of 50 mT of ferrite magnet, loosens the entrenched muscle. You can put CERABAN anywhere you want, such as where you are feeling stiffness and pain. CERABAN is now a popular commodity that has been sold until more than one million boxes (※ as of December 2012) since the launch.
Please try our CERABAN if you are suffering from stiff neck and low back pain, which are referred to as modern diseases!

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