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Train your toes is one of the easiest ways to stay fit!

Footwell can widen the spaces between the big toe and the rest so as to improve the fast-standing force, allow you to walk cheerfully and briskly.

When you walk, the foot has received 1.5 times the impact of body weight. Usually, the arch of the your foot softens the impact. As you age, however, leg muscles become weak, plantar arch becomes less, and your foot becomes flat. It will be hard on your knees and back.

Our Footwell widen the spaces between your toes, strengthen your feet, and soften the impact of the weight applied to the foot.
- Therefore, you will be able to walk in the correct posture.

We recommended Footwell to people who
- suffering from valgus and flat foot.
- leg pain, are suffering from poor circulation.

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