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Sitting posture is the burden on the body

Regardless of age or profession, people these days live in "sitting" posture a considerable amount of time. If we add up all the time we are in a car or train, at desk work, or at the personal computer, we will find that we spend most of our day time sitting.
While having such a lifestyle, little known is the danger of "keeping the sitting posture. ”Specifically, that means the magnitude of the load on the lumbar spine, and its influence on the entire body.

Check your posture!

Whether you are troubled with legs or not, please try to check your own sitting posture. Attention if the head sticks out in front of the shoulder. According to recent studies, it’s a larger burden on the waist if you sit with the head bent forward compared to the other sitting postures. So, what can I do to avoid a forward-bent posture and sit without putting too much burden on the waist?

Wrap your butt as "three-dimensional structure" and “high resilience"

Lemington's "high resilient Racushion" has adopted a specially developed latex material. This cushion has a restoring force to push back the sunken part caused by weight, and the concave-convex three-dimensional structure that is made to fit the shape of the buttocks. Since the weight applied to the buttocks is taken by the latex with appropriate hardness and elasticity, you won’t be too tired if you are sitting for long.

An exquisite inclination distributes the load"

Exquisitely set inclination will reduce the burden on the ischial tuberosity of the waist, relax the upper body. To make the cushion comfortable to sit, we actively incorporated the opinion of the medical people, and designed it so as to distribute the body pressure. In order to prevent the weight of the body from concentrating on one point of the thigh, we put a reasonable slope to the cushion. By doing this, the thigh is slightly higher, which will disperse the weight, that tend to be the burden on one point, over the thigh and the back.

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Size: 15.75" W x 15.75" L x (1.58" ~ 2.75"H)
Materials: Body - Latex, Cover - Polyester 96%, Polyurethane 4%
Made in Japan

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